Nail Care


Our hands have one of the thinnest skin on our bodies. This makes it more prone to damage. The nail plates on the other hand, the tough layer on top acts as the protective shield for the delicate tissues underlying the nail bed, this is the reason why there is less damage on our fingers. This makes our nails overly exposed, needing as much protection as possible.Nail care is extremely important because your hands are always visible.

Maintaining healthy natural nails is not as complicated as many may think.  Nails are usually their healthiest in their natural state, requiring nail polish for protection and regular applications of hand cream as a moisturizer.  Beautiful nails start with healthy nails.

We begin by combining aloe and shea butter to improve elasticity and hydrationof skin and nails. Expert grooming is followed by paraffin to exfoliate skin andenhance lymphatic flow. A soothing massage and finishing polish will leave yourhands and feet beautiful. Customize with an Aroma Soul signature blend of your choice to soothe your senses.

Manicure $20

Pedicure $30

Ginger-Orange Manicure $23

Warm Lavender Manicure $23

Nail art  $3+

Pink & White full set $50

Pink fill in $35

Acrylic fill in $22

Overlay $40


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