Eye Lash Services

Strip Lashes: 

Several lashes are held together on one strip and applied to the base of your lash line.  This lash is meant to be worn for a day.   $15


Individual Lashes:

A cluster of flare lashes are placed between your natural lashes near the base of your lash line.
These lashes can last up to two weeks with proper care. $35



Semi permanent Lashes:

The latest sought out lash trend, where a lash extension is attached to each of your natural lashes with a medical grade adhesive.  Giving you fuller longer lashes.  This process takes around 2 hours and lasts indefinetly with fill ins every two to three weeks as your natural lashes shed.  $175-$250

Fill Ins:

This service is done as a maintenance every two to three weeks to replace the lashes that come off during the shedding of your natural lashes.  $50



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